Chasing Shadow

This cake is inspired by a woman’s sexy back.

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I bumped into Ashwin, a good friend/ex-colleague on the plane.

Ash: “Did you see that woman with a really sexy back?”

Ash went on to marvel at how defined her back muscles were and how smooth her skin was. With a little bit of freckles but all natural and sensual. With some imagination, I can see the girl’s back dimple right above her ass through his eyes. I became obsessed about finding this sexy back.

We never found the girl at the airport. But in my mind, she’s wearing an ivory-coloured top, maybe with some meshed ruffles. The top is also a bit loose, hanging on the edge of her shoulders, about to slide off. If she’s a cake, this is her…

Chasing Shadow3 Wedding Cake-8333 Wedding Cake-806

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